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Nintendo GBA gamecartridge + 2 gigabyte

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Nintendo GBA gamecartridge + 2 gigabyte
€ 39,99

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SuperCard MINISD + 2 gigabyte

This is an assistant system of GBA console. You can play GBA games, watch movies, read e-books, view images and play music by using this system.

It supports DS & DSLite as well. The principle is to make use of large memory room to play more GBA/NDS games in only one card on GBA/IDS/IDSL/NDS/NDSL. The contents of MINI SD can be transferred from PC, very conveniently as a U-disc.

SuperCard NDS game function brief introduction

  • Excellent game compatibility 
  • Originated NDS soft-reset function all over the world 
  • Can play compressed roms (compress roms when converting them) 
  • Originated new save mode (write directly in TF/SD card and can backup 
  • Powerful cheat function (supports cheat code of various types) 
  • Originated Real Time Walkthrough function, guiding you how to go on during playing games anytime 

Feature SuperCard can be used on GBASP about 5 to 6 hours Load a 64M GBA game about 5 seconds Support SD standrad. Support FAT SuperCard GBA game function brief introduction Four Fantastic function:

  • Support Real Time Save function. You can stop and restart games during playing games anytime and anywhere with this fantastic function. This is an exclusive function of SuperCard series. With this fantastic function, you need not worry about GAME OVER anymore. 
  • Support compressed game files and large memory room. Since we use MINISD card as medium, so that how much room you can make use of for games and how many games can be put in it is absolutely by MINISD card. 
  • Freely switch walkthrough/e-books in game and switch back. This is another exclusive and powerful function of SuperCard series. When you play game, just press L+R+B+START, and it is switched to text screen. When you want to continue your game, just press the same case to switch back. 4. Need no convert and driver during transferring, just plug and play. A MINISD card and a card reader consist of a U-disc, so the speed is the same as U-disc. Other 

General Function:

  1. Low price, its price is lower than other flash cards on the market.
  2. Large memory. The memory of MINISD card is up to 16Gbit (2Gbyte). 
  3. Powerful cheat function. Originated cheat setting anytime and anywhere in game. 
  4.  Exclusive Real Time Save function. Save and load anytime and anywhere in game. 
  5. Small size and light weight. SC MINISD cartridge is the same size as a standard GBA cartridge. 
  6. MINISD card + card reader can be used as a U-disc. Just need to copy converted game files from PC. 
  7. Save money. MINISD card can be not only used for SuperCard, but also for digital camera and mobile phone. 
  8. Support NDS games, GBA games, NES games, GB games, PCE games, SMS games, movies and e-books of GBA, pictures viewing, music playing. 
  9.  Excellent save type compatibility. Support all kings of save types. 
  10. Support soft-reset to return main menu. 
  11. Support all save types. No need to enable DLDI.